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Necropolis Entrance
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General data
Part ofValley of Dead Heroes
FactionsChildren of the Endless Gate
Connects toEndless Gate Entrance
First Castoff's Tomb
Necropolis Tombs
QuestsEndless Horror
The Caretaker's Riddle
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The Necropolis Entrance is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The entrance to the vast underground necropolis, currently occupied by a large group of Children under the leadership of Motley. This is where you wind up should you fall while in the Valley.

Points of interest[]

  • The entrance area has the mutt called Motley and his merry gang of folks busy murdering the Memorialists. It also holds the captive memorialists. Wiping them out yields the Shadowflower.
  • The tunnel beyond leads to the Necropolis proper and whisperlocked tomb access. Looting the offerings along the way grants you the Candiru bonded item and assorted loot.
  • The terminal at the end can only be unlocked with the correct name (Guni), learned through The Caretaker's Riddle. Interacting with it allows you to select a tomb to reach, with the right numeric sequence. See Necropolis Tombs for more data. The list below only contains unique, plot-relevant tombs.
  • Additionally, the player may randomly encounter Silver three times, culminating in a reward of choice. See Silver's page for more details.
  • After reading 20 epitaphs, you'll meet Hiro who will give you the Circulating Merecaster.