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General data
RoleLoyal Guardian who Flows with the Tides
LocationBuried Crossroads, The Calm
QuestsServant of the Tides

Oom is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera. It is a possible companion for the Last Castoff and begins a new side quest, Servant of the Tides. Oom was included in the 1.1.0 update as part of previously unreleased content in the stretch goals of the kickstarter.


Oom is an entity previously used by the Changing God in various experiments involving the use and nature of the Tides. It appears as an amorphous blob of pale translucent substance. It can "see" and sense the variations within the five colors of Tides in the world as related to their aspects and people surrounding it. It communicates mostly in unintelligible sounds like "*blrlp*" and "*slrrlp*". However, if the Last Castoff has the Scan Thoughts ability, then they can read Oom's mind, which while still not language per se, are presented as metaphorical images for the questions it is asked and history it has experienced. If asked about an instance of its encounter with the Changing God for example, the Last Castoff will scan a response of  ::filthy hands grasping at brightly colored fish inside a bottomless well::


Torment Ability Icon 101.png This character is a party member.
Torment Ability Icon 044.png This character starts quests.

Servant of the Tides

Torment Ability Icon 007.png This character is involved in quests.

Servant of the Tides

Oom can be found in the Buried Crossroads by interacting with the mirror in the center of the room. Touching the 'shivering mirror' and going through the memories of the Changing God's relation to it will cause Oom to appear back in the Labryinth and begin the quest 'Servant of the Tides.'

Once there, the Last Castoff can interact with it further and ask it to join as a companion. The quest will update.

The next part of the quest involves talking to Oom when it is in the party again and choosing to 'examine' it (this is a different and extra option compared to the other companions.) This will trigger more memories and interactions, the quest will then update and point the Last Castoff to visit the floating, glowing cones near the bottom corner of the Reef of Fallen Worlds.

Having Oom in the party and interacting with the cones there will uncover more history implying Oom is a creature not native to the Ninth World, whom the Changing God had once stumbled upon in his journeys and 'rescued' from another species long ago. If the Last Castoff is trained in Tidal Affinity, Oom's memories will reveal that its purpose to the Changing God seemed to be a source of knowledge of the Tides and how to bend them to his will. Oom appeared to be a receptor and recorder of the Tides and their influence.

The Changing God somehow extracted this information and skill from Oom, afterwards keeping it as a sort of pet or servant while he continued his research and training.

After finishing this part of 'Servant of the Tides', the next clue points to a "being from another reality that entered through a gate in a man."

Upon visiting The Bloom, speak to Aen-tozon in Little Nihilish and open his Maw. Kwherezimian will appear from it. He is the being needed for the above. Speak to him and he will offer to explain the Tides further. This will raise the Tidal Affinity skill and complete Oom's quest.

Having Oom in the party will also reveal which conversation options raise/lower each corresponding tide when talking to NPCs and other characters. At Tier 2, Oom will gain an ability that allows the Last Castoff to change its color and appearance according to the Tides they are currently dominant in, by talking to Oom and selecting their choice of current dominant Tide. This will grant a bonus to various skills or health depending on which is selected. For example, if the Last Castoff is Blue tide dominant, setting Oom to that color will grant a +1 in Mystical Lore so long as Oom is set for it.

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