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Order of Truth
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General data
Part ofGovernment Square
LeadersMin of Tan Liang
QuestsFallen To Earth
Foreman's Brood
The Anechoic Lazaret
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Order of Truth is a a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera. For a description of the core Order of Truth, see this article.


Technically, the Order here is not affiliated with the Amber Pope or the larger organization in the Steadfast, but they share the same ideals (veneration of intellect, understanding, and the numenera).

This chapter of the Order was established over 300 years ago by a varjellen nano named Divitiacu (who was actually TCG) - a statue of Divitiacu is standing outside the Order of Truth. Since then, the Order has been a fairly egalitarian organization in Sagus, with one of the Aeon Priests serving as nominal leader by the consent of his/her peers.For the past few years, Min has served in this role. As such, he handles all relations between the Order and the city government, and he maintains the machine (built by Divitiacu - but really TCG) that creates the city's levies.

Members of the local Order are Min, Salimeri, Beleazar, and Orth Faung (who isn't here right now). Lan Uring is a young, prospective member who has been educated among the Aeon Priests but hasn't yet made a discovery that is worthy of admission into the Order.

Sn'erf is a visitant nano who arrived in Sagus via the Bloom (from some other world) - the Order is allowing it to conduct its research here, but it isn't a member. Min himself is a specialist in machines and devices (Lore: Machinery and Craft: Machinery, essentially).

Points of interest[]

  • This roomy area has a number of important NPCs who play a major role in the story. Min stands in the center, by the machine, with Sn'erf and Lan Uring to the right. Qorro and Salimeri (if you left Qorro alive) stand to the left.
  • The desk to the right can be searched for books and correspondence, but produces nothing. The pyramid to the left can be interacted with (Icon Intellect small.png Intellect/Perception), allowing you to solve a puzzle! With Icon Intellect small.png Intellect/Anamnesis you can recall a memory that provides a clue as to how to solve the puzzle: "The crimson dawn greets the seeker. The violet dusk sees the search's end." If you have the Chromavulum and have determined how it works, you will be given the option to use it to assist you.