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Ornaments are the third element of equipment you can wear, after outfits and cloaks. They provide passive bonuses.

List of ornaments[]

Item Effect Location
Deal 1 Relativistic damage (ignores resistance) and confer Bleeding fettle (2 physical damage per turn) on attacker for 3 turns.
All fettles and stats healed are shared between the characters wearing these rings.
+4 Resistance

+2 Relativistic damage on attacks

Innervate target (removes all negative fettles sans Flanked and Lasting Damage and heals 6 Health)
  • Order of Truth: Solve the Sphere puzzle by using the 2/1/3/3/5/4/4/5/1/2 combination.
Energize (choose a damage type and convert all damage dealt to specified type)
+1 Cypher Use
+2 Cypher limit for Rhin
  • Reward for helping Lan Uring become an Aeon Priest.
Grants Sucker Punch to user