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Overlord Automatons are automatons found within the Ninth World.[1]


Overlord automatons are artificial intelligences encased in metal shells with numerous limbs, sensory extensions, and other devices that allow them to interact with and understand the world around them. They belong to a class of automaton found in prior-world ruins that include entities known as accelerators. Unlike accelerators, who devise elaborate plans for avoiding death at any cost, overlord automatons have a machine-enhanced, outsized sense of purpose and personal destiny. They believe they exist to be overlords over biological entities. Thus they concoct elaborate plans over the course of many years to take over nearby communities. Because they want to get the details exactly right, it’s rare for an overlord automaton to finally move forward. They prefer to look for just one more powerful device or hidden ally.

Abilities and Traits[]


To rule





Damage Inflicted:[]

7 points






Perceives, persuades, and deceives as level 8; Speed defense as level 5 due to size.


Overlord automatons would prefer not to fight, at least not directly. Instead they deploy underlings and other creatures pledged to the overlord. But it if comes to it, an overlord can defend itself with bladelike appendages, attacking up to three foes as a single action. Additionally, an overlord can attempt the following abilities. Dazzling Display: The overlord produces a hypnogogic light show. Living creatures with eyes within short range who fail an Intellect defense task are dazzled by the overlord’s majesty and cannot attack for one round. False Reinforcements: The overlord produces a burst of electromagnetic radiation tuned to believe they are facing three times the number of foes on a failed Intellect defense task. Force Field: The overlord erects a level 8 force field it can use to trap up to two foes standing next to each other, or to retreat behind and escape.


Overlords are manipulative and egocentric. It is extremely difficult (level 9) to gain one’s respect; they tend to look down on other creatures and consider them chattel. They speak a wide variety of languages and are smart enough to pick up new ones within minutes.


An overlord secretly rules a village that the PCs are staying in, but hides its presence as it plans greater conquests.


A destroyed overlord automaton yields 1d100 + 20 shins, 1d6 + 1 cyphers, and an oddity.


GM Intrusion: The overlord automaton promises the character something they desperately want if the PC agrees to betray their allies or do a task for the automaton.


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