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Torment Item Icon 001.png
General data
EffectSummons a humanoid husk to fight by your side
ValueIcon shins.png 214

Philiactery is a Cypher of equipment in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A tear-shaped vial fits where a lens would be expected on the opposite end of a labile, contoured eyepiece. As the oddly large pendant on a fitted chain, it emanates a cool, blue glow. The vial is almost full with a liquid, but its composition is a mystery because there appears to be no way to access the contents. A small hologram indicates a figure crying into the device and placing it upon the ground, but as the vial is already full, your tears should not be required. Once placed upon the ground, the hologram claims, a useful compatriot will appear.


  • Necropolis Tomb: Spawns in inventory after visiting 50 tombs and reading 50 memorials.