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Phoenix's Wisdom
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Quest data
LocationValley of Dead Heroes
Given ByPhoenix
Reward40 XP
Datasphere Blast

Phoenix's Wisdom is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


I met a strange man in the Valley named Phoenix. He is seeking an answer of some kind but needs help. If I can prove to Phoenix that I "*know*", then he will share his knowledge with me. Perhaps then I can help him. Phoenix gave me the note that is troubling him. If I can figure out what it means, maybe I can help him.


  • Talk to Phoenix in the center of the Valley. Ask him as many questions as you can and counter questions with questions to convince him that you are worthy. Examine the note.
  • Enter tomb #1535 and interact with the memorial to find a message from Phoenix to... Himself. Return to Phoenix with the revelation.