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Preservation of Beauty
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Quest data
LocationMemovira's Courtyard
Given ByDecanted
Reward40 XP

Preservation of Beauty is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A being known as a Decanted is looking for humans with aesthetically pleasing bodies. It says that it will take these humans to a place called the Optero Suite for a life of luxury and privilege. In return for my assistance in finding suitable candidates, it has offered a handsome reward. "The Decanted needs to recruit three people to fulfill its quota. I should make sure these recruits have attractive bodies - the Decanted doesn't seem concerned with any other traits. When I find potential recruits, I should inform the Decanted, who is standing near the slave auction in the Memovira's Courtyard."


  • After sleeping once in the Bloom, find the Decanted at the Courtyard. It will ask you to bring him three "aesthetically pleasing" bodies to use... Err, give a life of luxury and decadence, of course!
  • Your choices are:
    • Coty (if you haven't found him a job, fed him to a maw or told him to leave).
    • Herja (you need to persuade Gar-koto to let you take her, which can only be done once The Newborn Maw is complete, and if you did not feed Herja to the maw in order to open it).
    • Bourras in Chiurgeon Slump (just tell him he can get FREE DRUGS with Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Deception)).
    • Rhin (if you're a monster).
      • If Erritis is in the party when you try go through with selling Rhin, he will always step in and chase off the Decanted, ending the quest.
      • If Aligern is in the party when you try to do this, he will warn you that he will leave. If you go through with selling Rhin, he leaves permanently.
      • If Tybir or Oom is in the party when you sell Rhin, their opinion of you will worsen.
    • The Translator (if you kill the murdens).
    • If you get the precise location from Sundermun the Elder of a beautiful woman he knew, you can provide it to the Decanted. The next time you speak to it again after resting, it will report that their agents have found the woman, and reward you.
  • If you talk to Parsim Flint, you can learn that the Decanted don't plan on giving their recruits a life of luxury - and then you can drive the Decanted off.
  • Alternatively, after recruiting two people for the Decanted, if you have not yet learned what it does to them, you can ask it directly, at which point you will also be able to drive it off.