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Pytharon Empire
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The Pytharon Empire is one of the southernmost nations in the Steadfast. It borders Ancuan to the west, Milave to the southwest, Malevich to the north, Matheunis to the south, the Black Riage to the east, and Iscobal to the northeast.


Possibly the oldest of the Steadfast kingdoms, the Pytharon Empire once commanded most of the southern region, including Milave, Iscobal, and Ancuan. Although the empire collapsed almost a hundred years ago, it regained its footing and began to prosper under the previous empress, Challadien II. She consolidated old holdings into Imperial rule again under the auspices of protection.

Now the new, relatively young empress, Challadien III, hopes to extend her aunt's successful reign. Most believe she has her eyes on lands that were once part of the empire, in particular Milave and Iscobal, and perhaps seeks to spread her influence over lands to the south.

The Pytharons are well aware that the regions to the south are far more settled than they once were. These free realms, including the powerful city-state of Nihliesh, feel the gaze of the empire upon them. Pytharon nobles already send their troops down there to raid for slaves.

Pytharon is known for gently rolling fields of wheat, beans, and corn. Its fertile lands were once a great part of its success and could be again, for its ample, so-called "breadbasket" has fueled great armies.

Address of the Prior Empress:

My dear and loyal subjects,

Your beloved Empress, Challadien II, Lady of the Southern Reach, and Queen of the Riage, wishes you to know that the days of foul banditry and lawlessness that have plagued these lands have come to an end. The peace-loving forces of the invincible grand Imperial armies, under my direct command, shall restore this realm once again to a land of prosperity and peace. You and your families shall be safe under their banner. Your children are like unto my own, and my own desire is fore their happiness and good health. The integrity of your lands, your homes, and all of your belongings shall be secured under our banner. Those who stand in the way of this generous and beneficent gift of safety, however, are naught but robbers and undesirables, and shall meet our swift judgment.[1]



Jargolamis and Luigolamis

Far Brohn

Other Points of Interest[]

Rathscor Fortress


Far Afield:[]

A rusted-out hulk of an ancient device has sat in the middle of Reynald Denny's fields without incident since long before he tilted the soil. Recently, the device has started shooting rubbery orbs of gel into the fields at odd intervals. The orbs are covered with tiny spines that break off into the skin when touched. Reynald fell sick after attempting to move one of the orbs, and many of his livestock died after touching the devices. His wife seeks help with removing the orbs from the field and incapacitating the machine.

The Glowing Roads:[]

There's been a number of attacks along the open roads leading to Rarmon. Each account is nearly identical: travelers swear they were attacked by giant four-legged creatures with glowing purple eyes and pinchers for mouths. One survivor has a wound along the inside of his leg to show for his trouble. The scar glows with a magenta hue.


Sky Writing:[]

On particular cloudy days, those who stand in Rarmon and look up at just the right time can see the Truth words "We Will Help You" written across the clouds, along with a series of unknown symbols. The writing is neon orange and very uniform. It lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a minute.

The Voices of the World:[]

Outside of Jargolamis is a stone that stands nearly 10 ft. high and is shaped like an inverted triangle. The stone is riddled with holes, and if you put your ear to any of them, you can hear what sounds like a conversation - larger the hole, the louder the voices. Each ole has a different discussion, and each time you listen at the same hole, you hear different people talking. Most of the time, the language isn't one that you know.

The Dog in the Machine:[]

Half buried in the rubble of a ruined city is a box. From some angles, the box seems to contain a large canine, suspended in midair. From others, the box looks empty - you can see right through it to the other side - but you can hear the sounds of snarling and howling. If you were to look down on the box from above, you'd see a top panel fitted with a series of sliders and buttons.[2]


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