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Quest items are exactly what it says on the tin.

List of quest items[]

Name Description Location
You acquired this letter of pardon from the Council Clerk. It grants a stay of execution for a criminal named Col Cardin, whose principal crime appears to have been treason. The paper is old and looks like it's passed through many hands, but it is certainly legitimate.
Tybir forged this letter of pardon for Ris. The signatures appear legitimate, and the language is impressively official. You're no expert, but it looks like a believable forgery.
This metallic, flower-like device consists of a short metal stalk with a mechanical eye at the end. It was given to you by Salimeri and can apparently be used as a key to enter the Anechoic Lazaret, a large golden structure in the Reef of Fallen Worlds.
Beleazar gave you this small device to attach to the 'cage' that holds the nychthemeron. He promises that it will teleport the nychthemeron to a place of his choosing, but it will not work on anything else.
This metal badge was meant to be worn by a city official of Sagus Cliffs. It is inscribed with the seal of the Protectorate.
This is a small metallic cube, recovered from the ruins of a collapsed house in Cliff's Edge. It is etched with tiny symbols, but the means of opening the box is not obvious from a cursory visual inspection.
This Certificate is signed and sealed by the City of Sagus. It attests the willingness of the City to assume the debts Erritis incurred in his airship crash. This should be sufficient to resolve the dispute between him and Rennio.
This is a cluster of leathery-shelled eggs that you stole from the sticha lair. When you touch them, you can feel a tingle of electrical energy bound within.
This is a fist-sized bronze sphere that you removed from a transdimensional space inside your head. Its surface is covered in interlocking spirals.
The pages of this ancient, heavy book rustle as if waiting to be turned. A castoff tattoo is inscribed onto the title page. Someone has attached a much newer tag to the binding which reads: "Exclusive Property of Falinda and Steristi, Booksellers".

You can use the item to attempt to read it. Opening it is a simple matter of playing the right melody: Blue, Red, Indigo, Gold, Silver. Doing so gains you +1 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect. Doing so again produces the vision of a woman, gaining you 2 XP. Afterwards it's inert.

This is a blinking and humming assembly of synth and metal parts, cobbled together from spare components of the machine that creates the levies of Sagus Cliffs. The device should transfer a single year of life from a human to his or her respective levy... assuming both parties are willing.
This is a heavy metallic cylinder bristling with tubes and wires. Warm, smoky light pulses from within. It appears to be an energy transfer device, tuned for a very specific purpose.
This leather-bound journal is filled with various diagrams, notes, and observations of the machines you found near the engines buried beneath Sagus Cliffs. The handwriting is your creator's, and it chronicles his analysis of the datasphere - the net of information that surrounds and permeates the world's air. Some people have drawn power from the world, and others have found a way to transmit knowledge in the blink of an eye. It seems that these machines may have been intended to transmit consciousness itself... or at least to take a rudimentary first step in that direction. The exact steps are unclear, though someone with an extensive background in consciousness transfer or machine intelligences might be able to recreate his work.
  • Buried Crossroads: Interact with the lower left machine while Callistege is in your party.
This small, ornamental comb is actually a living, jeweled insect - a biomechanical marvel. The pincers seek to fasten themselves upon locks of hair, and its wings allow it to hover around the wearer's head, creating unique styles that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Caravanserai: Locked in the nightstand. Used to identify Perseia.
[[File:|70px|link=Nychthemeron Brain|Nychthemeron Brain]]
Nychthemeron Brain
This fusion of biological and mechanical parts apparently comprises the brain of a nychthemeron, its shape as alien as the creature itself. It was damaged somewhat during your fight with the creature - not to mention your grisly attempt to excise it from the body - but it seems to be mostly intact.
This ragged synth square is engraved with scrawls and symbols - presumably some kind of writing, but it is mostly unfamiliar to you. Phoenix says the note told him to come to the Valley of Dead Heroes and that he would find the answers he needs. He gave it to you because he has found no answers, but he has not so far. He hopes you will find them in his place.

Although the engraved symbols are mostly incomprehensible, four numbers are written in the Truth, one on each line of text: 1, 5, 3, and 5.

A face sculpted from a soft grey material gazes through and beyond you from ashen sockets. The mask affixes to your face with an almost lifelike eagerness. It is clammy, moist to the touch. Viewed through its lens, the world takes on a nightmarish aspect. Once-mundane objects twist with strange new angles. Familiar faces, those of your most trusted friends and companions, contort in ways they never should. In the corners of your eyes, misshapen monstrosities lurch and stagger across impossible landscapes. The effects are subtle at first, but the longer you wear the mask, the more horrifying the visions. What enlightenment, or madness, awaits one with the courage to wear it for long enough?