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Quests are the core of Torment's story, and can be divided into main quests, secondary quests, and fathom quests.

  • Main quests are necessary to complete the storyline.
  • Secondary quests are optional quests.
  • Fathom quests are exactly what it says on the tin.

Main quests

Name Location Given by Journal description
Fallen To Earth Broken Dome Automatic I miraculously survived a fall from many kilometers above the Earth's surface, only to find myself in another unexpected situation. My only hope of stopping the Sorrow - the creature that hunts me - is to climb inside the crystal resonance chamber and activate the device. Unfortunately, the resonance chamber was badly damaged by my fall, so it'll need to be fixed.
The Cold, Calculating Jack Underbelly Automatic Apparently, a castoff helped build the resonance chamber. Casmeen and Mimeon don't know the name of this mysterious artificer, but the other castoffs might. Only one of my 'siblings' is presently in the city - an albino assassin named Matkina. Perhaps she can give me answers.
On the Builder's Trail Caravanserai Automatic I've learned the name of the castoff who helped build the resonance chamber. He's called Mazzof, a talented builder and artificer. I hope to find him in Miel Avest, a refuge of sorts for my castoff 'siblings'.
The Sanctuary of Miel Avest Miel Avest Automatic I've found the castoff sanctuary of Miel Avest. Several castoffs are gathered here, hiding from the Sorrow. Mazzof is not among them, but maybe somebody knows where he is. I ran into Paj Rekken, commander of the First's forces in the Endless Battle (and former commander of Matkina). She said she hasn't seen Mazzof in years, but that someone named Aadiriis might know where to find him.
Evacuation Miel Avest Automatic As you were dallying in the mere and talking to Mazzof, the Sorrow finally broke down the barriers surrounding Miel Avest and invaded it. Your task now is to save your skin - and others, if need be.
Dracogen's Price Memovira's Courtyard Automatic Dracogen has promised to give you a merecaster and smooth your way to a meeting with the Memovira if you can procure an item for him known as the Magmatic Annulet, which is located in a place known as the Ascension. Dracogen told me to follow the "caravan route" from the Memovira's Courtyard to the Trade Post. That's where I'll find a Maw that will take me to the Ascension.
Into the Depths Memovira's Fortress Automatic The Memovira told me that the First Castoff is alive. However, she will only reveal the First's whereabouts if I can rescue one of her people - a scholar named Ishen. Apparently Ishen was abducted by the Bloom and taken to its Heart. The Memovira no longer knows how to reach the Bloom's Heart, so I'll have to find the way myself. She suggested that I seek advice from someone who understands the Bloom well.
The Right To Exist The Calm Automatic The resonance chamber has trapped me and all the other castoffs in the Labyrinth. The ghostly woman says the true Resonance is in the deepest part of my mind. I have to get there before the Specter if I want to decide the fate of the castoffs. The Specter is on his way to the Resonance. I have to get there first, to stop him from subsuming all our minds into his.

Secondary quests

Sagus Cliffs

Name Location Given by Journal description
A Call to War The Fifth Eye Clarion A woman named Clarion has asked me to help convince some veteran warriors to join the Endless Battle. So far, her efforts to sway them have failed. Clarion has been hanging around the Fifth Eye bar, trying to recruit five veteran warriors named Dhama, Theboros, Leto, Feriok, and Ziobe. She wants me convince as many of them as I can to join the Endless Battle.
Ashen Imitation The Fifth Eye Ghostly Woman After I was strangled to death by a ghostly woman in the Fifth Eye, I awoke in a new fathom of the Labyrinth. There I met the ghost again. She claimed that women in Sagus Cliffs are being transformed into copies of her, though she doesn't know how or why, and she wants to help them if she can.
Beleazar and the Beast Circus Minor Beleazar An Aeon Priest named Beleazar wants to "steal" a nychthemeron from its cage in Circus Minor. He intends to teleport the creature to another location so that it can be killed and dissected for study.
Beloved Slave Circus Minor Tol Maguur Tol Maguur, a slaver in Circus Minor, has enlisted my help to find her 'ward,' a girl named Rhin. If I bring Rhin back to her, Tol says that she has valuable information to trade in return.
Borrowed and Lost Circus Minor Falinda Falinda, a bookseller in Circus Minor, has accused me of borrowing a very rare book and never returning it. I have no memory of such a thing, so it seems likely that the Changing God was the real culprit, perhaps when he was wearing the body that is now mine.
Circles in Red Underbelly Fulsome A murderer is loose in Underbelly, the poorest and foulest ward in Sagus Cliffs. If the culprit isn't caught soon, more people are likely to die...
Disciples of the Changing God Circus Minor Casmeen In order to join the cult of the Changing God, I need to find a castoff who is currently unknown to the cult and reveal that person's identity to Casmeen and Mimeon.
Eyes of the Adversary The Fifth Eye Dhama of the Bloom A potentially dangerous entity may be lurking in the Fifth Eye tavern. Dhama of the Bloom called this entity an Adversary, a mind-eater. These malign beings were defeated in a psychic war by Dhama and his friends, but he believes that a single Adversary survived. He asked me to help him find and confront his old enemy.
Flawed Simulacrum Cliff's Edge Finzin A young man named Finzin has asked for my help in dealing with a levy that's been following him around. It seems to have developed an unhealthy fascination with him, and he wants it to leave him alone.
Foreman's Brood Underbelly Crippled Foreman The Crippled Foreman wants to transfer its life force into tiny metallic children that it has built. So far, it's been unable to transfer sufficient power, so it asked for my help. If the power transfer succeeds, the children will live, but the Crippled Foreman will die.
Hidden Enemy Cliff's Edge Lord Vuntgen A rogue stichus is lurking in the district of Cliff's Edge. Lord Vuntgen has promised a reward to anyone who finds the creature and tells him where it is.
One True Love Caravanserai Omahdon Omahdon, a man I met at the Caravanserai, is looking for his lost love, Perseia. He says that she suffers from a madness that causes her to flee from imagined dangers, and he has been trying to catch up to her for years. Omahdon tracked Perseia to Sagus Cliffs, and he asked me to help him look for her.
Rhin's Satchel Circus Minor Rhin (if she was taken by slavers) Rhin said the slavers who took her still had her satchel with a number of her personal items in it. She begged you to get it for her.
Shaky Foundations Underbelly Peliai Peliai, a varjellen agent of the Slave Families, is trying to stop the sticha from digging underneath the city. Apparently, the creatures are destabilizing Sagus Cliffs and causing buildings to collapse. Her negotiations have gone nowhere, so she's turned to less honorable tactics.
Stay of Execution Circus Minor Tybir A man named Ris is slowly being executed in Circus Minor. His friend Tybir asked me to help save him. Tybir has a plan to forge a stay of execution, but he needs my help to get the materials for the forgery and deal with the authorities.
The Anechoic Lazaret Order of Truth Salimeri Salimeri, an old friend of the Changing God, has been investigating a gilded structure in the Reef of Fallen Worlds, which she calls the "Anechoic Lazaret." Recently, someone seems to have broken inside and caused some sort of trouble. She asked me to enter the structure, find out what has gone wrong, and make it safe to continue her research.
The Airship Thief Caravanserai Master Rennio Master Rennio, an airship captain at the Caravanserai, is looking for the man who stole one of his vessels. Until the thief is caught, he has grounded his remaining ship.
The Sorrow's Prey Circus Minor Zaofi the Sculptor Zaofi, a sculptor in Circus Minor, witnessed the murder of a man by the Sorrow, the same creature that is hunting me. Now he's obsessed with sculpting the moment of the killing, but all his attempts have been failures - he cannot immortalize the victim until he learns more about him.
Wayward Daughter Cliff's Edge Mother Temaz (female Castoffs only) Mother Temaz, an old midwife in Cliff's Edge, asked me to help one of her wayward "children," a young woman who has lost her memories and her name. If I can solve the woman's problem, Temaz will return a piece of my caul to me, fashioned into something valuable.
Wayward Son Cliff's Edge Mother Temaz (male Castoffs only) Mother Temaz, an old midwife in Cliff's Edge, asked me to assist one of her wayward "children," a young man named Piquo who is struggling with a difficult choice. If I can help Piquo make his decision, Temaz will return a piece of my caul to me, fashioned into something valuable.

Valley of Dead Heroes

Name Location Given by Journal description
Endless Horror Valley of Dead Heroes Ronos Cai'sul The Children of the Endless Gate have made a slaughterhouse of the Valley. The only way they'll leave is if I can close their Gate in the Necropolis, somehow. If the Gate's in the Necropolis, then the first step will be to find a way into the Necropolis tombs. The cultists have opened the Endless Gate somewhere in the Necropolis. I need to find it and figure out a way to close it.
Phoenix's Wisdom Valley of Dead Heroes Phoenix I met a strange man in the Valley named Phoenix. He is seeking an answer of some kind but needs help. If I can prove to Phoenix that I know, then he will share his knowledge with me. Perhaps then I can help him. Phoenix gave me the note that is troubling him. If I can figure out what it means, maybe I can help him.
Severed Child Valley of Dead Heroes Crystal by the Necropolis Entrance I saw a disturbing memory inside a floating crystal in the Valley. The memory belonged to a man tormented by horrors beyond his control - and bloodthirsty cultists who kill for him whether he wants them to or not. The memory contained few leads to follow, but the name of a young girl was mentioned - Choi. This Valley is full of the dead and their memorials. Maybe someone knows more about what happened to her.
The Caretakers' Riddle Necropolis Entrance Motley The Memorialists have placed a whisperlock on the Necropolis' teleport terminal. It's impossible to enter the tombs beneath until the lock is removed.
The Lost Shepherd Valley of Dead Heroes Erritis Erritis has been acting strange ever since we entered the Valley of Dead Heroes. I need to figure out what's bothering him. Erritis spoke fearfully of alcoves in the Valley of Dead Heroes. Maybe searching the Valley and finding the alcove he's "not afraid of" will explain why he's behaving strangely.

The Bloom

Name Location Given by Journal description
Anathema The Vast Interior Inkpot or Ioxu Ioxu, a talented varjellen, is harangued by cultists of the Bloom under the lead of one Inkpot. They are accusing him of heresy and want to kill him to please the Bloom.
Broken Hearts Memovira's Courtyard Dracogen Tybir's past is waiting for him in the predatory darkness of the Bloom. Dracogen returned a ring to Tybir that may help him sense where his old lover, Auvigne, is hiding. If I speak to Tybir, he should be able to guide me.
Covetous Hearts Lost Anchorage Dracogen or automatic I've learned that Dracogen desires an item called the Navigational Cortex, which is a prized possession of the lascars in the Lost Anchorage. Dracogen is definitely interested in obtaining the Cortex, and he admitted to sending a team to steal it... but they were slain in the attempt. If I try to acquire the Cortex for him, he recommends that I rely on guile and deception, not force.
Dracogen's Price Memovira's Courtyard Dracogen Dracogen has promised to give you a merecaster and smooth your way to a meeting with the Memovira if you can procure an item for him known as the Magmatic Annulet, which is located in a place known as the Ascension. Dracogen told me to follow the "caravan route" from the Memovira's Courtyard to the Trade Post. That's where I'll find a Maw that will take me to the Ascension.
The Empty Cage Chiurgeon Slump Orth Faung The Aeon Priest Orth Faung has asked me to retrieve a 'frame' for him. He claims that murdens stole it from him, and he needs it to complete his research for Aligern. If murdens stole the frame, they would have hidden it somewhere in their lair. I doubt it will be easy to find.
Familiar Skies Little Nihliesh A recording I found in an old helmet suggests that its owner was on the verge of an important discovery. She had planned to check her data with something called the Navigational Cortex. The owner of the helmet was never able to complete her work... but maybe I can. In the recording, the helmet's owner spoke of returning to a place called the Anchorage. I should try to find this place and speak to her people. They might be able to tell me more about her and the Cortex she mentioned.
Freedman Memovira's Courtyard You've purchased the deed to a young slave boy named Coty. His future is in your hands. Coty doesn't know what he wants to do with the rest of his life, and needs a little guidance. Attempt to find some employment for him.
Lost Loves Tybir's former lover Auvigne has tracked him to the Bloom, and was working for a crime lord named Dracogen. He appear to be hiding somewhere in the Bloom.
Marooned on an Alien Shore The Vast Interior Arechi Three lascars in the Vast Interior have lost any path back to their home. It's up to you to help them find it.
Preservation of Beauty Memovira's Courtyard Decanted A being known as a Decanted is looking for humans with aesthetically pleasing bodies. It says that it will take these humans to a place called the Optero Suite for a life of luxury and privilege. In return for my assistance in finding suitable candidates, it has offered a handsome reward. "The Decanted needs to recruit three people to fulfill its quota. I should make sure these recruits have attractive bodies - the Decanted doesn't seem concerned with any other traits. When I find potential recruits, I should inform the Decanted, who is standing near the slave auction in the Memovira's Courtyard.
Rumblings of Discontent Memovira's Courtyard Brusca Brusca, the captain of the Memovira's guards, has asked me to look for two of her patrols that are late in returning from their rounds deeper in the Bloom. Brusca told me the patrols were taking a wide route around the Bloom, so they could be anywhere.
The Newborn Maw Little Nihliesh Gar-koto A new Maw has appeared in Little Nihliesh recently, and the mutant leader of the area, Gar-koto, has asked you to open it.
Twice the Trouble Memovira's Courtyard Qianne Qianne, a refugee who lives in the courtyard, has been harassed repeatedly by the same two thugs for some time now. Qianne has asked you to stop the thugs that accost her almost daily, but first you must find them.
What the Winds Took Old Slave Block Skoura the Faceless Skoura the Faceless has requested that you find a way to restore her lost vision. She has promised her most prized possession as a reward. Skoura was confident that someone in the Bloom must have a way to restore her sight.

Fathom quests

Name Location Given by Journal description
A Wrested Mind The Calm The seal on the portal to the fathom where I met Kamose, Villon, and Diviaticu has weakened. It should now be possible to open a way back there, but no doubt the Sorrow Fragment that sealed it in the first place still remains.
Infestation The Calm Fragments left behind by the Sorrow's incursion have wormed their way deep into the Labyrinth. Like plagues in my mind, they are stunting my potential.
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