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Riastrad is a large, muscular man with short dark hair, and a large scar that runs from his mouth to the crown of his head. He wears blue trousers with steel bands encircling his thighs and hips. The top half of his body is encased in a shiny metal skin.


He is deathly afraid of the dark and of crystalvores, and will go berserk if forced near either. He is deeply devoted to Satsada.


Riastrad is a castoff. His body demonstrated a certain affinity for the Tides, and the Changing God thought this might be the perfection of the form he was seeking. Unfortunately, the Changing God fell into a deep chasm in the Ascension, and rather than spend the time climbing out, he abandoned the shell of Riastrad, thinking it would starve to death before achieving freedom. Riastrad awoke in the last flickering light of a glowglobe and managed to clamber to freedom ahead of the hungry crystalvores in the dark.

Riastrad believed this escape was a sign that he was destined to be a hero, and he took his calling seriously. He is a natural with weapons of any sort, though he prefers a specific type depending on his mindset. He worked for a time for the Memovira of the Bloom, where he met Satsada. When he first cast his pain into her inadvertently, he discovered that they had developed an immediate bond.


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