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The Sagus Protectorate refers to a terrority and the authority who (claims to) rules it. An early settler, Sagus, gave it its name.


The Sagus Protectorate originates from the conflict between the Tabaht, a powerful early tribe, and other ethnic groups. Under constant threat, those groups fled to escape the Tabaht. One of them eventually found the ruins of what would become Sagus Cliffs. With the city powerful defenses, they managed to repel the Tabaht and to establish themselves as a strong power in the area. Ultimately, the Tabaht disappeared, and the Sagus Protectorate expanded its power. It accumulated an immense wealth thanks to the strategic location of Sagus Cliffs as a major trade hub, with a fee on all merchandises passing through, which helped in extending the territory borders.

However, two centuries ago, a slave revolt changed the situation. A new social hierarchy was established, with the Slave Families at its top. Nevertheless, the former aristocracy managed to retake the power after hiding for decades in the population, by intermarrying in secret with the new leadership. In the meantime, the influence and the territories of the protectorate were greatly diminished. The Sagus Protectorate represent in name a large area, but the control of the Slave Families is limited to the lands near Sagus Cliffs.

Compared to the Steadfast, the Protectorate lies on the other side of the Clock of Kala. Marshlands polluted by chemicals and plains that serve as hunting-ground for monstruous aerial predators can be found between the Clock and the Protectorate. To the west, the Sagus Protectorate borders the Arwin Wood, while the Garravia Sound sea can be found on the east, and the Verxulian Waste on the south.

Behind the scenes[]

The Sagus Protectorate is one of the principal place of action of the Torment: Tides of Numenera video game.

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