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The Sarracenians are an organization dedicated to the worship of exotic plant life.


Why would I want to belong to the lot of them? Bunch of blathering mouths. I'd rather spend the time with my greens. Least they use their mouths for something smarter than gossip and gossiping.
~ Myrtle Galgian, former self-elected president of the Sarracenians

This widespread group of scholars studies and worships plants, in particular unusual and carnivorous plants and plant-like predators. Typically distinguished by their dark greenfibrous clothing, which is often accented with brightly-colored adornments, Sarracenians are a varied and loose-knit group. Some stay put within their hometowns, tending to lavish greenhouses, gardens, and zoos, while others travel the world in search of unique finds. Some Sarracenians are scientists who split genes and crossbreed creatures in secret laboratories, while others sing to the petals of their favorite flowers and call them friends. Still other members of the group fight, breed, or train the plant-like creatures that inhabit the world. Most Sarracenians have only two things in common: a nearly religious reverence for any species of animal-like plant or plant-like animal, and a firm belief that the Wild Garden, located in the Caecilian Jungle, is there mecca and the birthplace of all that they worship.

Once a prominent organization in the Steadfast, its members held in high esteem for their skills with medicinal healing, poison, genetic splicing, defensive mutations, and more, the Sarracenians have long since fallen from favor. Despite the decline of the organization as a whole, individual members are still in demand for their knowledge and understanding of the living plant world. To have a Sarracenian as your herbalist, healer, biologist, or plant breeder is a boon indeed.

Sarracenians of Note[]

The Sarracenians don't have a formal hierarchy, and those who claim to speak on behalf of the entire group do so of their own volition and usually without any consensus as to their authority. Local individuals speak up authoritatively when plants become topics of political interest.

Chi Brogs:[]

This vocal advocate of plant life has spiral tattoos on his forehead and a short, well-groomed moustache. He lives in Thaemor and is trying to earn himself a place among the advisors to country's reclusive leader. Lacking any progress on that front, Chi spends his days advising any gardener or farmer in Auspar who will listen to him.

Membership Benefits[]


Carnivorous plant holding the sun in its jaws


Speak and act for the green

Badge of Membership:[]

Dark green clothing of woven plant fibers, blue lips

Member Benefits:[]

In lieu of taking a new skill, members can learn more about secret herbal remedies and other health-related preparations. As a result, they and all their allies in immediate range add 1 to their recovery rolls.[1]


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