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I have been out so far that I fear I may not have returned.

A slender woman dressed in an assortment of colors and styles, Satsada looks as if she's too distracted to pay attentiont o what she's putting on. She wears comfortably fitting pantaloons, a bloused shirt, and a strange form of armor that looks like tubes wrapped around her waist, extending to her neck. These tubes enter her neck on either side. Her eyes are milky white. Her medium-length hair is striped from front to back in alternate rows of white, black, and red, and it's all pulled back into a loose ponytail. She has bronzed bracers on her wrists.


Satsada is fretful and anxious. She sees disaster looming all around her, although few people listen to her warnings. Rather than become shrill, she has withdrawn into herself. She and Riastrad have a special bond and are rarely seen without one another.


A child of a trader who came in from the Steadfast, Satsada was exposed to strange radiations of the wastes between, and her powers developed as a result. Once her mother discovered the Bloom, the trader was intoxicated with the idea of reaching untapped new markets. She left her sick daughter in the care of business associates in the Bloom, and against the warnings of her daughter, ventured deep through the winding passages of the creature. She never returned, and her compatriots treated her daughter as a business opportunity. They discovered Satsada's new abilities and helped her develop them. When they realized that she focused on disaster instead of fortune, they sold her to the Memovira, who used her for the occasional prediction to avert potential disasters, and who sold her services as a mercenary in various psychic wars.


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