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Severed Child
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Quest data
LocationValley of Dead Heroes
Given ByAutomatic
Related quests
Endless Horror

Severed Child is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


I saw a disturbing memory inside a floating crystal in the Valley. The memory belonged to a man tormented by horrors beyond his control - and bloodthirsty cultists who kill for him whether he wants them to or not. The memory contained few leads to follow, but the name of a young girl was mentioned - Choi. This Valley is full of the dead and their memorials. Maybe someone knows more about what happened to her.


  • Head over to Beltrax or Motley (depending on your decision in the beginning of the valley). Beltrax will point you to a tomb where he remembers the name was mentioned (4221). Motley will guide you to the tomb of Oddwald the Sane (5143).
  • Talk with him to get the target tomb code. Or just interact with the Choi's grave marker to learn that the name of the girl is Choi Cai'sul. Find Ronos Cai'sul. He will give you the code to Ronos' tomb, 2413. Go there. Interact with the memorial, use the name of his daughter, and read the whole sad story of his vendetta against the Endless Gate cult. You will also learn that Marcysa was interred at 1254.
  • Head to the Endless Gate Entrance. Interact with the tomb to the left to find the Twisted Metal Merecaster.
  • Continue with Endless Horror until you find Inifere. When you use the Merecaster, make sure to ask him to give you Choi back. Doing so completes the quest and adds her to your collection of reflections.