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General data
RoleCaptain of Levies
LocationGovernment Square

Sigyn is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This woman is dressed much like the levies who flank her, but unlike them, her expression is sober and alert. Her hair is cut short, the corners of her eyes wrinkled with crow's feet. A little swarm of mechanical drones circles around her, buzzing messages in her ears. She whispers replies in return, and every so often, one of them whisks away, disappearing into the city.

Sigyn is the law enforcement official in charge of ensuring the city of Sagus Cliffs remains safe. She remembers the Last Castoff from their last encounter ten years earlier, while the Changing God still inhabited the body. While she does appear to be a middle-aged woman, she is actually twenty two. The reason? She used the levy machine in the Order of Truth to donate a good dozen or two levies, burning through her twenties to escape the sorry fate that awaited her if she lived them normally - she is one of the women affected by the ghostly Woman's curse, doomed by the probability engines below the City. The levies created by the machine out of her twenties were monsters, which were only extinguished once she passed into the middle age, free of the damned curse.


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Ashen Imitation

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Provides information about the city's government and levies.