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LocationNecropolis Tomb #3534

Silver is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The arcane humanoid shimmers and displaces across multiple versions of itself in a blink. So quick is the motion that you almost doubt your senses. The black-clad being makes slow, deliberate movements, its eyes like dull grey jewels set into an expressionless face. You sense a malevolence caged. Silver seeks enlightenment throughout the Necropolis, in the form of the Philiactery cypher. He requires it to create a husk that would liberate him from inside the machine.

He once sought knowledge in the ways of the ancients, trained as a nano. He entered the Bloom near Sagus Cliffs and discovered an artifact that enslaved him within the mechanical body. The Necropolis and Tantalum are there to help him liberate himsef.


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This character has other interactions.

Silver was one of the acolytes sent out by Tantalum to explore the Necropolis.

Other interactions[]

  • Silver's appearance is random and depends on the number of Tombs visited (and statues/memorials read).
    • You first meet him after reaching and reading 10 tombs.
    • The second meeting is after 30 tombs and he will be distraught.
    • The final meeting occurs after you have visited 50 tombs and collected the Philiactery (it spawns upon interacting with any memorial).
  • You can give it to him for 40 XP. He will then give you a choice of a reward: A ranged weapon (Gravitational Overseer), a cypher (Image Projector) and teaching you what he knows (+1 Lore: Machinery).