Silver Orphans
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Silver Orphans is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Two silver humanoids stand near a small vehicle of indeterminate origin. Their skin has a reflective, metallic sheen that makes them appear both a part of and separate from the scenery around them. As you approach, both of them turn to face you. They have no mouths, and their eyes are a fathomless black, reflecting nothing.

A name for these creatures rises from memory - silver orphans. It may not be the name by which they know themselves, but it's the name used by the Order of Truth. Wordlessly, the silver orphans repeat their previous roles - the one on the right makes a complicated series of gestures, then the one on the left kneels to draw a similar sequence in the dirt. Seeing your confusion, the one on the left kneels, using a foreshortened finger to trace lines and circles in the dust at your feet. Ripples radiate from a point, first a square, then a human eye, then an unrecognizable mass of interconnected dots. The silver orphan looks up at you, awaiting your reply.


Torment Ability Icon 086.png This character has other interactions.


You can tell them about the Peerless at the Anechoic Lazaret, about the Underbelly Foremen, Ziobe (you need to complete Eyes of the Adversary first) and Sylph. Every piece of information is rewarded with another item.

  1. Conduit Rings
  2. The Thermodynamic Detonation
  3. The Stillness Cage.
  4. The Imprisoned Pulsar .
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