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Sorrow's Fathom
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Part ofLabyrinth
Connects toThe Calm
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Sorrow's Fathom is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


An isolated platform floats in a sea of familiar, writhing eidolons, an interconnected mass of partially-formed events and fading reflections of people. Scenes play out briefly before your eyes, just enough to call to mind a sense of deja vu before melting away, blending back into the background. Machines, notes, and tools clutter the platform, giving this recollection the feeling of laboratory, long left unmaintened. Five machines, larger and more visbiliy complex than the others, extended beneath the floor, drawing bits of the dream-stuff upwards, into their internals.

However, pouring forth from the machines are wisps of black ichor, spasming in random directions as they envelope the devices. Moments after you take notice, the goo in each begins to pulse in a regular pattern, pulsing in your direction. Suddenly, the inky blackness drains from one machine, swirling to a point nearby.

Points of interest[]

  • This fathom is the site of the Infestation quest. See that article for more details.