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Stat Pools are the resources you use to apply Effort or activate Abilities. You can distribute points as you see fit. Glaives tend to favor Might and/or Speed, while Nanos favor Intellect. Jacks usually benefit from a balanced set of points.


  • Icon Might small.png Might: Might represents the character's physical strength and resilience. Each point of Might also increases Health by 1.
  • Icon Speed small.png Speed: Speed represents the character's dexterity and reaction times. Every 2 points in Speed also increases Icon Evasion.png Evasion by 5%.
  • Icon Intellect small.png Intellect: Intellect represents the character's mental prowess, willpower, and personality. Every 2 points in Intellect also increases Icon Willpower.png Willpower by 5%.


Any kind of action taken by a player character in the game can be assigned to a stat. Jumping is a Might action. Dodging an attack is a Speed action. Talking your way past a guard is an Intellect action. And so on. This is only really relevant, however, if the action in question is one that the player really wants to focus on. To do this, he or she spends points from the relavant stat to put “effort” into the action. This makes the action easier to do (and thus, makes it more likely to succeed. Points from stats can be regained, of course, but it’s still a finite resource. Thus, a player should only put effort into the actions important to them.[1]