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Stay of Execution
Ris Funt Times.png
Quest data
LocationCircus Minor
Given ByTybir
RewardTybir as a permanent companion
Avatrol Leather Jerkin (if you use the forged pardon letter)

Stay of Execution is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A man named Ris is slowly being executed in Circus Minor. His friend Tybir asked me to help save him. Tybir has a plan to forge a stay of execution, but he needs my help to get the materials for the forgery and deal with the authorities.


  • There are two ways about this quest, the direct one and the subtle one.
  • The direct one includes persuading the Horrified Man, Intrigued Woman, Excited Man, and Unmoved Woman to stand behind Ris and defend him. Once you convince all four, Yeen the Overseer relents and orders the levies to disperse and Ris freed.
  • The subtle one includes heading to the Government Square and executing Tybir's plan. To do it, you first need to secure a badge from Sangolin (Icon Speed small.png Speed/Quick fingers or Icon shins.png 40 for a pair of red boots). Then talk to the City Official and arrange for the archived stay of execution order. Tybir will forge it.
  • Return to Yeen. If you talked to him before, you will need to use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect/Deception to convince the Overseer you were originally undercover. Otherwise, give him the forged release form.
  • Once freed, Ris immediately chews Tybir out for bailing him. Even if you side with Ris, Tybir will state that he never got paid for his trouble. It will also become apparent that Tybir's primary interest in saving Ris was the fact that the Devourer of Wrongs would have pointed to Tybir next, if he got to eat Ris. That said, he cares for the kid - and if you do not complete the quest, you'll permanently lose Tybir's loyalty, as Ris will die.