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Map of Steadfast

In a part of the south lands of the huge and unique supercontinent of the Ninth World is a collection of territories collectively called The Steadfast.

The Steadfast is a collection of kingdoms and principalities, comprising nine different countries. Although each kingdom and principality has its own ruler, a figure called the Amber Pope manages the Order of Truth, a religious organization, led by Aeon Priests, which is highly respected in all region.

Nine Rival Kings. The Nine[]

Collectively, the rulers are often called the Nine Rival Kings, or just “The Nine”. These kings, queens, princes, and councils share no love for one another and truthfully have little in common except for a unifying religion. This religion, called by its adherents The Order of Truth (and by all else as the Amber Papacy), reveres the past and the knowledge of the ancients as understood by the enigmatic Aeon Priests. By decree of the Amber Pope, The Steadfast and The Order of Truth wage war with the lands to the north, believed by many to be enthralled by a secretive and mysterious cult called the Gaeans. Nobles in The Steadfast are called to the Crusades, making war against the infidels with ever stranger weapons discovered or devised by the priesthood.[1]


The Steadfast includes all the land from the sea to the Black Riage, south of the Tithe River and north of the Sadara River.

The nine kingdoms of the Steadfast and their capitals are:

Country Capital
Naverene Charmonde
Sea Kingdom of Ghan The City of Bridges
Draolis Qi
Thaemor Auspar
Iscobal Mulen
Malevich Yenth
Ancuan Glavis
The Pytharon Empire Rarmon
Milave Orrila


Generally speaking, the Steadfast is more settled and civilized than the Beyond, but it can be just as dangerous. Communities are isolated. Travel on the roads is risky and nearly unthinkable at night — but at least the roads exist.