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The Ruins of the Swarmstar are ancient structures dotted throughout the Swarmstar.


Scattered amidst some of the mantle's surrounding the swarmstar are fantastical cities and structures carved out of synth and metal, featuring inverted domes and sleek towers that seem to hang down from their mantle's upper sides. Not unlike the kind of ruins to be found on other Ninth World planets, including Earth, their original purpose as well as their architects remains a mystery, even to those currently living within the swarmstar.

Their only inhabitants are bizarre creatures and automatons from a long forgotten age, many of which will act hostile towards intruders. Many of the machines found throughout these ruins will even trigger some deadly effects throughout their environment, either by accident or to help them fend off visitors. With the ruins also being the only source of metal for the current human inhabitants of the swarmstar, local scavengers might also constitute their population.

While they'll take any kind of metal or synth they can shape into tools, armor, or even weapons, legends speak of a peculiar material that can be an anathema to navaracs. Weapons made with material, likely to be some form of solid synth, will inflict an extra 2 points of damage to any navaracs they make contact with. Other rumors also speak of devices hidden amidst the ruins that could even help deal with the Plagued, such as through machines that detect infections to serum or radiation inoculation that could even potentially cure a victim of it, entirely. Whether or not any of these tales are true, though, they serve as encourage for those foolish or brave enough to explore these ruins. [1]


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