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The Tabaht were a species established on the southern part of the Ninth World supercontinent, on the south of what would became the Sagus Protectorate.


The Tabaht had a warrior culture. They thought that single combat was the noblest expression of self. Their belief system originated from the Underspine, a massive machine intelligence that existed in their capital, an underground city. It was a god for them, as it gave directions to the Tabaht, but it was also considered a servant, and offered them power. They often fought each other for the control of the Underspine. They were thought to be the chosen people, the rulers of the 'New Earth' (the name they gave to the Ninth World), but they also believed that they needed to prove themselves among their own kind. This led to a lot internal fighting as well as profound xenophobia.

They did not hesitate to use Numenera weaponry like plasma beams or war robots, but despised the used of weapons of mass destruction and sought to kill everyone who was in possession of those. They often led expeditions outside of their territory to find new weapons. Once they acquired something, they always modified it to apply their mark and personal style.


The Tabaht lived before written history was globally (re)established and the majority of their history is now lost. It is commonly accepted that they were a major military power, with nobody to compete with them during at least two centuries. Their xenophobia led them to systematically decimate outsiders, and remnants of their battlefields can still be found. Later, they decided they would rather enslave them, but were quite cruel in the way they used them as cannon fodder, or sometime literally as food.

Many clans and tribes in the surrounding areas learned to fear them and chose to flee elsewhere. Those people later created the communities of M'ra Jolios, Ossiphagan and Sagus Cliffs. In this last city, they found heavy defenses and weaponry, and for the first time, another group fought back the Tabaht raiders. This turn of events made the Tabhat stop attacks on outsiders and to focus on a inside enemy.

Some time later, an accident occurred in their underground capital. A detonation led to the collapse of the cavern, completely destroying the city and probably the Underspine within it. With their beliefs completely shattered by the event, the Tabaht scattered in small groups and mostly became raiders. But they did not last long after that as their enemies sought revenge and annihilated them.

Some of the Tabaht warchiefs names are still remembered today in stories and myths: Kon Virtih, Haran Ein, Sekin Vandars.

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