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LocationValley of Dead Heroes

Tantalum is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


An old, battered-looking swordsman in dull gray armor stands here, whistling tunelessly. His hands hover near the hilt of his well-used sword. Scars wreathe his face, and what you took for a helmet reveals itself to be a dome of metal grafted to him. Tantalum is a peculiar man, infused with tantalum, a metal that permanently bonds with human flesh. The Chiurgeons who bonded it to him allowed him to control weapons, armor, anything he's bonded to with the power of thought - at the expense of a good chunk of his brain. He came to the Necropolis to remember himself - and now helps others do the same.

Of course, Tantalum's not all that he seems. He believes that history is dead and the living would be better served spending their lives trying to improve themselves and their lot, rather than prowling old tombs. He sent Silver and Hiro on a meaningless quest into the Necropolis to teach them that lesson.


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This character is a merchant. Sells: Weapons and supplies. Notable gear includes Whispers, Shield of the Ceturl Prince, Slugspitter, Exuvia, Reactive Plate and Synth Breastplate.
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This character has other interactions.

After reading 50 tombs, Tantalum will reveal his "secret" and you earn 3 XP.