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Tarnach Hobbes
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Tarnach Hobbes is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This man's brow is creased with worry. He avoids your gaze, his eyes fixed on a point to your left and far away. His trembling, battered fingers pluck at the air. He stares through the chattering customers, the bar, as though he is utterly alone. Stepping closer, you see a thick blue crease running down his throat into the depths of his heavy robes, and orderly rows of azure holes pierce his bony arms from elbow to wrist.

Tarnach is a numenera specialist, who repairs them for anyone who asks and deems worthy. His current state is largely incomprehensible to people interested in something more than his services, as Tarnach was exposed to traces of Akar, a proud city consumed by time. Ever since his mind was exposed, he keeps talking about the Conductor and the Choir he belongs to, which will remake people around Tarnach... And Tarnach himself. He started the work already, embedding countless devices in his bony body, which loop bloodlessly throughout him.


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This character has other interactions.


What are you staring at? +2 EXP
I wish to know what you have seen +2 EXP
What do you think you're 'becoming'? +2 EXP requires Lore: Machinery