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The Anechoic Lazaret
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Quest data
LocationOrder of TruthUpper Antechamber and Anechoic Lazaret
Given BySalimeri
RewardRing of Entanglement
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The Anechoic Lazaret is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Salimeri, an old friend of the Changing God, has been investigating a gilded structure in the Reef of Fallen Worlds, which she calls the "Anechoic Lazaret." Recently, someone seems to have broken inside and caused some sort of trouble. She asked me to enter the structure, find out what has gone wrong, and make it safe to continue her research.


  • Head to the Lazaret in the Reef of Fallen Worlds and use the Metallic Eye on the door. You will be ambushed by a group of murdens. Kill them (if you let Qorro live and convinced Salimeri to give him a second chance, he'll be here wounded with a hireling and warn you about the active drones below).
  • Head down to initiate a crisis. In general, there's the brutal way and the subtle way. The brutal way involves destroying every drone in your path. The subtle includes finding all three control terminals and using Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Lore: Mystical, Lore: Machinery) to shut the drones down and restore the Lazaret Intelligence. Of course, hiding is very much recommended. Notably, after you initiate the purge, you don't need to test the intellect again, making this somewhat less daunting.
  • You can find the source of the infestation just south of the entrance, in a locked room, and use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Persuasion) to learn how it got there, Icon Speed small.png Speed (Lore: Machinery, Quick Fingers) to disable it, or Icon Might small.png Might (Smashing) to destroy it.
  • Head back to the Order. Qorro will ask you to tell Salimeri that you helped in the job, trading you a secret: Lan Uring is actually a spy for the Memovira.
  • Return to Salimeri to collect your reward. If you did not destroy all the drones, you also receive Areph.