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The Ascension
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The Ascension is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


You emerge from the portal into an alien world. The air is thin and bitterly cold. The 'sun' is a tiny white globe in the sky, casting dim light over a landscape of crystalline beauty. You see no sign of organic life - only glittering crystals in every direction.

Points of interest[]

  • This area is a bit difficult to navigate. Head right, then up the ramp to find Doran and Asclarian, together with their exploring party.
  • The right platform holds a loot locker with Patience Everlasting and a floating megalith. You can use Icon Might small.png Might (Smashing) to strip a Collection of Crystals from it or you can help it find a product (Jar of Alchemical Powder). To get the product you will need to sleep until the merchant's caravan is devoured by the Bloom. You will lose access to their inventory doing this. But should you return with the product and give it to the megalith you will get Zero Sum Engine #713 and the Collection of Crystals
  • The left platform contains the Speaker, a massive shrine that will humbly apologize for the Oracle being dead. Talk to it and ask about the Oracle. It will mention the phobits. Then you can ask it to talk to them, allowing you to use the glowing crystals to create passageways.
  • Head to the south-east and descend down to the lower platform after activating the phobit. You can interact with the pink crystal. Talk to it, ask about its function, then the Annulet. Ask it to open the cave, then head west and enter it.