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The Calm
AR X1511 TheCalm Loading Screen.png
General data
TypeMind construct
SectionsDark Fathom
Clock Fathom
Major charactersThe Specter
Connects toBroken Dome
Clock Fathom
Daughter's Fathom
Sorrow's Fathom
Endless Battle Fathom
Crefton Fathom
Oasis Fathom
Village Fathom
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The Calm is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A calm section of your mind, where the Specter resides, allowing you rest and introspection. As you progress through the story and regain memories, The Calm will slowly expand and develop into a place of wonder, suspended over an abyss of your mind.

Points of interest[]

  • This are is visited immediately after completing the Dark Fathom and creating your character, introducing Crisis resolution and the rest of core mechanics of the game. After you deal with the Sorrow by destroying the reflections its anchored to, use the portal to leave.
  • You may return to the Calm after you die or enter another fathom, allowing you to converse with The Specter and gain insight into what you need to do next. Some characters, like Tranquility, can also put you into a trance and allow you to enter the Calm without violence.