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The Caretakers' Riddle
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Quest data
LocationNecropolis Entrance
Given ByMotley or automatic
Reward25 XP
Access to the tombs

The Caretakers' Riddle is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The Memorialists have placed a whisperlock on the Necropolis' teleport terminal. It's impossible to enter the tombs beneath until the lock is removed.


  • Speak to Motley in the Necropolis. Next, inspect the corpse on the floor. Close their eyes for a quick Gold tide boost and influence with Talira Kyo. Check the pockets to find a scrap of paper with the number 4135 and the name Najma.
  • Talk to Talira Kyo in the Necropolis about the passcode. If you are Gold-dominant, she will believe your claims that you want to protect them and save the people in the Valley from the Endless Gate and tell you the code.
  • Otherwise, you will need to see if there are other Memorialists who know the code. Head back to Ronos Cai'sul and he will mention that a backup plan was for them to find the name of the ceturl prince. Interact with the giant black cat idol enough times to learn it (Guni).
  • Open the whisperlock.

Alternate Solution[]

  • Engage the cultists in combat and make sure The Last Castoff is killed.
  • Exit the Labyrinth immediatley. You will resurrect in front of the cultists.
  • Upon seeing you come back to life, Motley will fall to his knees in front of you and beg forgiveness.
  • You now have 4 options:
    • Tell the cultists to leave (no Tide increase)
    • Forgive the cultists (moderate Gold Tide increase)
    • Tell Motley he now owes Lord Inifere a death. Motley will have one of the cultists kill another (moderate Silver Tide increase).
    • Break Motley's neck (moderate Red Tide increase)
  • No matter which choice you make, the cultists will leave, Talira Kyo and the three mercenaries will survive, and Talira Kyo will tell you the code to the whisperlock. The only difference is that killing Motley will not allow you to obtain the scrawled note, which he drops after choosing any of the other three options.