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The Endless Gate
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General data
Part ofValley of Dead Heroes
Connects toEndless Gate Entrance
QuestsSevered Child
Endless Horror
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The Endless Gate is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This is a hellscape of gray skies and grim scenery. It is a dimension of horrors out of nightmare, Lovecraftian things that crawl and gibber behind dark menhirs. The castoff Inifere carries the portal to the Endless Gate within his mind, and the Children venerate him as the Keeper of Secrets.

The air is chill and moist. Screams of agony permeate the darkness around you, and you sense *something* watching. There is no choice but to venture forth. Note that dying in the Endless Gate means you are dying permanently.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to Hell. Interact with the things in front of you to learn that these are flayed people, still alive, stretched into grotesque banner, forever in pain. You can put them out of their misery, at the expense of having strengthened your ultimate foe. Or you can refuse to do that and head right, towards the cultists. You face five Gate Cultists, each with 20 HP (stronger if you dealt with the cultists before). You run into the same dilemma further down the line two more time.
  • Inifere waits at the other end. Talk to him and deal with him.


  • Inifere, the root of the problem. He is accompanied by Kiyatawa and Quijano del Toboso, if you named the first as the murderer and the latter was encouraged to fight the cultists.