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The Newborn Maw
Newborn Me.png
Quest data
LocationLittle Nihliesh
Given ByGar-koto
Reward25 XP
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Marooned on an Alien Shore

The Newborn Maw is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A new Maw has appeared in Little Nihliesh recently, and the mutant leader of the area, Gar-koto, has asked you to open it and learn where it leads.


First you need to figure out what the maw wants. Any one of the following actions will be sufficient for this:

  • Bring Aligern near the maw and ask him what he thinks the maw wants after it tries to... Gently caress him.
  • If Delny is free of Vrung and she has still has her psychic abilities, you can ask her to help you figure out what the maw.
  • If you have the Magmatic Annulet, you can use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect to try and sense what the maw wants.
  • Being Bloom-Juiced allows you to listen to the maw and realize what it wants.
  • If you or Matkina are Bloom-bonded, you can simply order it to open.

It turns out the Maw feed on guilt. Now:

  • You can order it to open if you or Matkina bonded with the Bloom.
  • You can open it with the Transdimensional Scalpel.
  • You can try to persuade Aligern to feed himself to the maw. If you succeed, Aligern will agree and go up to the maw.
    • If you pull Aligern out when he calls for help, he is largely unharmed, but the Maw will not open.
    • If you leave Aligern in, the Maw will continue feeding and eventually open, but Aligern will confront you once he recovers. If you lied to him about pulling him out when you were persuading him, he will leave the party permanently. Otherwise, he will stay, but with a major loss of approval. Either way, if the Maw was allowed to feed on Aligern until it opened, an echo of Aligern will appear later in the Gullet.
  • You can feed Coty to it, if he's still your slave.
  • You can feed Herja to it if you tell Gar-koto what the maw wants. Herja will try to kill herself when fed to it - you can stop that with Icon Speed small.png Speed (Initiative) and then Icon Might small.png Might or Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Intimidation) - and if you feed her to the maw, an echo of her will appear in the Gullet. You will get Herja's Prison, though (you can keep it after talking to Gar-koto if you pass an Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Persuasion, Intimidation) check.
  • If you have absorbed the catena intelligence from the Catena Interior into your mind, you can feed yourself to the maw, and it will consume the intelligence, causing it to be lost permanently.

Once the maw is open, enter it and return to Gar-koto to claim the reward.