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The Sanctuary of Miel Avest
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Quest data
LocationMiel Avest
Reward100 XP
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On the Builder's Trail
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The Sanctuary of Miel Avest is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


I've found the castoff sanctuary of Miel Avest. Several castoffs are gathered here, hiding from the Sorrow. Mazzof is not among them, but maybe somebody knows where he is. I ran into Paj Rekken, commander of the First's forces in the Endless Battle (and former commander of Matkina). She said she hasn't seen Mazzof in years, but that someone named Aadiriis might know where to find him.


  • Talk to Aadiriis and allow her to inspect you, to verify that you are, indeed, capable of altering reality.
  • Before she gives you Mazzof's merecaster, she will ask you to speak with other castoffs. Melmoth Leviarm is the first stop and he gives you a lecture on the tides and their nature, also explaining a good deal of the story.
  • Return to your host. She will now ask you to mediate between Raima Cyro and Andronus Sandhand. They differ on the amount of respect due to the Changing God. Andronus hates him for the lying, cheating, and backstabbing. Raima believes that the strife, the Endless Battle, the whole nine yards are part of a glorious strategy to defeat the Sorrow. Neither wants to give. You can banish both, either, or lean on the fact that the Sorrow's outside, waiting for them to break apart - and that killing one another over a difference in ideologies is suicidal. Choices largely modify your tides.
  • Return. She will now ask for your opinion on the Endless Battle and suggest talking to the other castoffs to formulate an opinion. She will argue with every answer you give, revealing that her points was something different entirely. Changing up your answer actually does make her like you more.
  • Then she questions you on the point of all the running around. Melmoth was to expose you to other viewpoints, the dispute to learn how to mediate disputes, and then that the Endless Battle debacle was about making you question your assumptions.
  • Then you answer the question that lies at the core of the story: What does one life matter? It is much like your dialogue with Ravel Puzzlewell and answering What can change the nature of a man? Your answer is your own.

Zerian's Mere[]

  • You are thrust into the past, into the plains of Ossiphagan, in Zerian's body. You can use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Perception) to find a metal staff. Now, remember. You are Zerian Daywalker, a jack who speaks with the dead. Anamnesis helps you remember that you were sent to gain the copper sphere. Use your connection to the dead to learn more about the areas you explore.
  • Head to the top of the tower, then to the obsidian formations and the mountain pass. You can use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Lore: Mystical, Lore: Natural) to study the wights' behavior. This allows you to explore the fields naturally. In order to get the sphere, your best bet is to trigger the monster at the obsidian formations (explore to make it appear), use the staff on it (it pisses it off), then run to the mountain pass, which will occupy the wights long enough for you to snatch the sphere and return.
  • Say hello to Chimaera. If you have the artifact, he will be overjoyed and give you access to Mazzof pretty much immediately. You can ask him immediately about the resonance chamber and then question him about it more. Your answers aren't majorly important. What is important is the revelation that the First is still alive - and the resonance chamber is meant to merge the castoffs into the Changing God's body, to evade the Sorrow. It's also revealed that the Last Castoff is a catalyst for the resonance chamber - and the First is hiding in the Bloom.
  • Then the vision is cut short. Uh-oh.
  • You are confronted by the Specter who claims to be the real Changing God. As you can expect, in the Specter's Fathom you are at a disadvantage and no matter what you do, it will demand to merge with you, to take you over.
  • You will lose this fight if you cannot somehow loosen the Specter's hold. Depending on what you've done, you can use the memory of the probability engines on him, unleash the Words of Qra you've learned at The Fifth Eye or call the Ghostly Woman to your aid (for reasons that are apparent later on).
  • Eventually, you will manage to defeat him and force him out of your mind. In the meantime...