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The Sorrow's Prey
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Quest data
LocationCircus MinorDendra O'Hur ChapelCliff's Edge
Given ByZaofi the Sculptor
RewardSpirit Shroud
40 XP

The Sorrow's Prey is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Zaofi, a sculptor in Circus Minor, witnessed the murder of a man by the Sorrow, the same creature that is hunting me. Now he's obsessed with sculpting the moment of the killing, but all his attempts have been failures - he cannot immortalize the victim until he learns more about him.


  • Talk to Zaofi the Sculptor.
  • Head to the Dendra O'Hur Chapel and inspect the body on the slab (second to the left from the altar). You learn that he was a castoff, like you. You can take 2 Health damage for 2 XP. Talk to the cult leader to learn that the victim had a house in Cliff's Edge. Head there to find it.
  • The house is near the chirurgical parlor. You can use Icon Might small.png Might to dig through the rubble or Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Anamnesis) to recall a memory. Digging through the rubble creates a shade (Empty Reflection) in The Calm.
  • The Cultists near the ruined house can be asked about the house and who looted it. They mention that they saw three dusty children rummaging through the ruins.
  • Talk to Avina and acquire the Interdimensional Puzzle Box. Return to The Calm (getting strangled by the Ghostly Woman works), then talk to the Empty Reflection - who becomes Seria. Talk to her to learn how her father died.
    • Alternatively, when you talk to the Empty Reflection, you may use the Tides if you have trained Tidal Affinity to temporarily summon Seria without the box. The Specter will try to talk you against doing it.
  • Return to the sculptor to receive the Spirit Shroud. It does not matter what you say, he will accept your statement.
  • If Zaofi was given the proper information, later you can find him terrorized by something. The Sorrow visited him, praised his work and took it from him, for it "touches a piece of the truth that mortals must never see", then vanished.