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The Truth is the common language of the Ninth World.


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  • Aldeia: village.
  • Chiurgeon: healer who uses Numenera.
  • Drit: the soil, which could also contain microscopic traces of Numenera.
  • Glaive: warrior, fighter.
  • Jack: thief, rogue, jack-of-all-trades.
  • Nano: sorcerer, mystic, wizard.
  • Ninth World: can designate the world (Earth) or the actual era.
  • Numenera: a remnant of the previous worlds and civilizations.
  • Shin: the money of the Ninth World.
  • Visitant: extraterrestrial.

Sagus Cliffs slang[]

  • Cark: disturb, make uneasy.
  • Chagan: low-level gang warlord.
  • Creft: crap.
  • Empiriarch: see Scholarch.
  • Gallowglass: mercenary.
  • Laak-nibber: a profanity, similar to "son of a bitch".
  • Plod: hard work.
  • Scholarch: headmaster, lead-reader.
  • Shine: good, great, admirable; understand.
  • Skist: shit.
  • Spiderjack: thief.
  • Tert: territory.
  • Tulk: byproduct ooze of human/machine interface; an insult.

Behind the scenes[]

Aldeia is Portuguese for "village".

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