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What the Winds Took
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Quest data
LocationOld Slave BlockChiurgeon Slump
Given BySkoura the Faceless
Reward25 XP
Jar of Iron Wind

What the Winds Took is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Skoura the Faceless has requested that you find a way to restore her lost vision. She has promised her most prized possession as a reward. Skoura was confident that someone in the Bloom must have a way to restore her sight.


  • Talk to Skoura (ew), then head to the Chiurgeon Slump. Talk to Demeray and Obervich, who will provide you with a solution... In exchange for a subject to play with.
  • You can offer yourself, Erritis, Aligern, Oom, or Callistege. Or you can ask about the eyes and pay Icon shins.png 280 instead. If you provide yourself, you will learn an interesting fact about the tattoo: It's actually an amorphous gateway into your mind, a sort of funnel to pour the Changing God's mind into your body.
  • You will receive Obervich's Eye. Return to Skoura and put it in her face.
  • Take the jar of Iron Wind.