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LocationThe Fifth Eye

Ysg, or Erin, is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The most distinguishing feature of this tall, vaguely awkward man is the yellow shirt he wears. He seems desperate to fade back into the scenery. When he notices you watching him, he gives you a faint, uncomfortable grin.

If confronted, he will reveal that he is a "transdimensional projection from the distant past", and shows the form of an abykos, while not being one himself. He can interact with the present only through words. He was attracted to The Fifth Eye and Sagus Cliffs because of the signs of civilization and strong psychic presence.


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This character has other interactions.

Ysg will be evasive, avoiding talking about who he is or why he is here. With Perception you can realize that you cannot sense him. When confronted, he will curse and reveal that he's a psychic projection that overshot its mark... By a good couple centuries.

Behind the scenes[]

Ysg stands for "Yellow Shirt Guy". During the ending celebration for Torment kickstarter, one of the backers who was invited to the event was wearing a distinctive yellow shirt. The backers on the live stream spotted him and he became a focus for many viewers. Whenever he would get food or talk to anyone the stream would erupt with cheers for the "Yellow Shirt Guy". Ysg was created as a nod to actions and reaction of becoming the central focus of hundreds of online viewers.