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Zaofi the Sculptor
General data
LocationCircus Minor
QuestsThe Sorrow's Prey
I am Zaofi, stonecarver, sculptor, divine painter of living eyes. And in this challenge, my greatest work, my talent has finally abandoned me!

Zaofi the Sculptor is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This portly man's cracked and bleeding hands are always moving - picking fretfully at his thick lips, running through his thinning hair, or molding aimless shapes in the air. His clothes are marked with paint, dust, dried blood, and clay. His eyes brim with frustrated tears as he studies the strangely-familiar sculptures arrayed about him. You slowly realize that the sculptures he created are those of the Sorrow.


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This character starts quests.

The Sorrow's Prey

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This character has other interactions.


  • The Sorrow's Prey: Zaofi asks you to recover information about one of the Sorrow's victims from the Dendra O'Hur cult in the Underbelly, so that he can finish his sculpture.

Other interactions[]

  • You can question Zaofi about the Sorrow for experience and gain numerous adjustments to your Tides.